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Marietta Blau Grant
Country of origin:
Target country:
all (except Austria)
Area of study or research:
Natural Sciences
Technical Sciences
Human Medicine, Health Sciences
Agricultural Sciences
Social Sciences
Type of grant:
Detailed type of grant:
research grants
Target group:
Funding organisation:
OeAD-GmbH on behalf of and financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy(BMWFW)
6 to 12 months, no extension
Grant benefit paid:
Partial grant; own funds need to be provided
Monthly grant: EUR 1,500
No travel costs subsidy
Closing date for applications:
01. 02. 2017
Apply direct
Application form:
Application form: online at

Advice on how to apply for BMWFW scholarship programmes can be found here:

Advice on how to apply:

Financial support for doctoral/PhD students currently enrolled at an Austrian university who want to spend 6 to 12 months abroad with the intent to optimise their thesis. This grant does not support applicants enrolled for programmes which are based mostly or completely abroad.


Target group:
Highly qualified doctoral/PhD students currently enrolled at an Austrian university. The study progress must be efficient and uninterrupted; this will be judged based on the minimum time specified in the curriculum. In case of interruptions (such as childcare, home care for relatives, military or civil service, etc.), applicants should provide relevant proof.

The following persons are explicitly invited to apply:

  • scientific staff at universities (please provide proof),
  • persons who receive no financial support from public funds (such as grants or paid research positions), except Austrian federal student aid.


Target institution:

Accredited higher education institutions, non-university research institutes, industrial research laboratories or field research; additionally archives, libraries, museums or research institutions whose stocks, research results and infrastructure are necessary for realising the project. The target institution must be abroad.


  • To optimise the doctoral thesis by way of a continuous and specific long-term visit.
  • To provide financial support for early stage research.
  • To support young academics in the early years of their academic career. The professional and scientific career after finishing the programme should be plausible. The grant is not intended to support lifelong learning.

Further information:
The OeAD offers training seminars to help applicants with their application (in German):

  • It is possible to split the grant into periods shorter than the originally awarded 6 to 12 months, however, periods of less than 3 months are not permissible. Grants for shorter research visits may be provided by the home university.
  • The grant has to be completed within 18 months of its start date in an adequate manner.
  • It is possible to apply for research visits to multiple countries (except Austria); however, all visits have to be combined in one application.
  • This grant is compatible with a "grant for short-term research work abroad" provided by Austrian universities.
  • Grants may be used one after another, but not at the same time.
  • The start date for the grant has to be within the time frame specified for the call. Please make sure to select a call that corresponds with your schedule.
  • The grant's objective is to help optimise the recipient's doctoral thesis; therefore, the grant must be completed before the thesis is handed in.
  • Persons who have already received a doctoral grant from funds provided by the BMWFW are excluded from a repeated application.
  • Applicants may receive educational leave payment concurrently with the grant. In this case, a financing plan needs to be handed in with the application documents.
  • During the evaluation process, up to three persons may be excluded as experts by the applicant (black list). Reasons must be stated accordingly.
  • The grant is competitive and will only be awarded to the most qualified applicants. No applicant is legally entitled to the grant. The number of awarded grants depends on the budget as well as allocated quotas.
  • Applicants may apply for different grants from funds provided by the BMWFW at the same time. For each grant, separate application forms have to be handed in.
  • Grant recipients must be present and conduct their research at their chosen host institution.
  • While receiving the grant, grantees may not be gainfully employed in any capacity.
  • Persons entitled to Austrian federal student aid may additionally apply for a raise of their aid amount to support their studies abroad (
  • Applicants for this grant acknowledge and explicitly agree that the personal data included in the application may be distributed to the relevant authority as well as contracted partners and other funding agencies, as according to § 1 Datenschutzgesetz (Austrian federal law on data protection), BGBl.Nr. 165/1999.

Application documents:

1. Fully completed online application form in German. Incomplete forms will not be considered. Applicants whose native language is not German may also complete the form in English.

2. Proof of admission to a doctoral programme.

3. Dissertation agreement (written confirmation stating the dissertation supervisor and the topic as well as a confirmation of the home university that the dissertation topic has been submitted and approved).

4. Letter of recommendation issued by the dissertation supervisor (including a stamp of the institution and signature of the person recommending the applicant).

5. Exposé or proposal (justifying the necessity of the stay abroad, defining the problem, aims, methodology, and schedule and including a selective bibliography) – 5 pages in German or English.

6. A first outline of the dissertation or an abstract (approx. 1 page, in German or English).

7. A confirmation that the applicant may use rooms and resources at the institute (stamp plus signature), if necessary.

8. Letter of confirmation issued by the supervisor at the applicant's target institution(s), if available.

9. All clearances necessary for the research project need to be submitted with the application (e.g. declaration of no objection of the ethics commission or the animal testing commission).

10.Applicants receiving educational leave payment need to submit the following documents: a financing plan, a confirmation of the payment amount and an explanation how these financial means will be used to cover costs related to the research visit.

11. If applicable, documents to prove the following circumstances: proof for childcare, home care for relatives, military or civil service, etc., in case of interruptions; proof of employment at a university.

Selection procedure:

Selection procedure:
1. Formal check of the application documents.
2. Plausibility check.
3. Evaluation of the research proposal by 2 external experts based on the following questions:

  • About the applicant: Please evaluate the applicant's scientific motivation.
  • About the project: How relevant or sustainable is the dissertation topic? Will it support the applicant's scientific career?
  • About the research visit: How important is the research visit to the quality or relevance of the dissertation project? Does the proposed methodology support the research goal(s)? Do the dates of the research visit fit with the dissertation's overall time frame?

4. Interviews by a committee in Vienna.

In isolated cases the evaluation may not be completed in time. In these cases, the application has to be updated and re-submitted during the next call.

Obligation to submit a report:
Upon completion of the research visit(s), every grant recipient is obligated to hand in the following forms to the OeAD via e-mail:

  • a signed final report,
  • one confirmation by each visited institution.

Furthermore, a bound copy of the thesis and a copy of the doctoral diploma have to be submitted once the degree has been completed.

Closing dates for application:
February 1 (selection procedure/interviews in June/July, starting date from July to December)
September 1 (selection procedure/interviews in December/January, starting date January to June)
Please submit your application at the deadline corresponding to your schedule. Due to organisational and budgetary reasons, it is not possible to start a grant earlier or later. The grant has to be completed within 18 months of its start date, at the latest.

Grant contract/grant award:
Grant recipients will be issued a grant contract (Letter of Award and Letter of Acceptance). It defines the following points: start and end date of the grant, grant amount, and other conditions and requirements.

Legal basis:
Federal Ministries Act 1986 (Federal Law Gazette No. 76/1986), date of the version: July 1, 2016
Federal Finance Act 2017
Individual funding according to Sect. 2 Z.3 ARR 2014 (Federal Law Gazette II No. 208/2014)
Decree GZ BMWFW-41.906/2-WF/V/7/2016

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