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Marietta Blau Grant
Country of origin:
Target country:
all (except Austria)
Area of study or research:
Natural Sciences
Technical Sciences
Human Medicine, Health Sciences
Agricultural Sciences
Social Sciences
Type of grant:
Detailed type of grant:
research grants
Target group:
Funding organisation:
OeAD-GmbH on behalf of and financed by the Austrian Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy(BMWFW)
6 to 12 months, a renewal is not possible!
Grant benefit paid:
Partial grant; own funds are necessary!
Monthly grant 1,500.-- Euros; 
No travel costs subsidy!
Closing date for applications:
01. 02. 2017
Application form:
Electronically at 

Recommendations for application for BMWFW scholarship programmes can be found at:

Advice on how to apply:

Financial support to spend abroad 6 to 12 months of a doctoral programme enrolled and carried out in Austria. Doctoral programmes that are carried out completely or mostly abroad cannot be supported. Applicants must not yet have started their studies abroad at the time of application.

Target group: Highly qualified doctoral candidates who have studied a maximum of six semesters of their doctoral / PhD programme at an Austrian university at which the majority of the costs of the study place are borne by the Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW) at the closing date for application (exceptions are possible in the case of proven childcare periods and military or alternative service and for academic university employees).

Target institution: accredited higher education institutions, non-university research institutes, industrial research laboratories or field research; additionally archives, libraries, museums or research institutions the stocks, research results and infrastructure of which are necessary for carrying out the project. The target institution must be abroad.

Objective: Optimisation of the doctoral dissertation through a specific longer-term research stay abroad and experience in an international research environment. Financial support for early stage researchers.

Other information / Conditions for application

There is no age limit. The grant serves to support junior researchers, thus the desired career / academic career should be probable or possible with the doctoral degree.

It is also possible to apply for stays in more than one country; these, however, have to be integrated in one application.

The OeAD offers training seminars to assist applicants with their applications (in German):

The grant is compatible with the “grants for short-term research work abroad” of the universities (before or afterwards, not at the same time). Applicants who already have been in receipt of a grant/scholarship of the BMWFW for doctoral studies are excluded.

The grant is especially intended for people who do not get any public funds (e.g. grant, employment, etc.) for their doctoral studies apart from the Austrian study grant. (Additionally please see the german Version.)

Candidates can exclude up to three assessors from the assessment process (“black list”). Reasons have to be given.

The grant must be taken up 6 months after the decision about the allocation has been taken at the latest.

After completion of the study programme a final report plus a photocopy of the doctoral degree certificate and a hardback copy of the dissertation are to be submitted to the OeAD.

Application documents

1. Fully completed application form (in electronic form). Incomplete forms will not be considered. The form should be completed in German. Should applicants not be proficient enough in German, it can be completed in English.
2. Proof of admission to a doctoral programme
3. Dissertation agreement (written confirmation stating the dissertation supervisor and the topic as well as a confirmation of the home university that the dissertation topic has been submitted and approved.)
4. Diploma certificates and an all-inclusive certificate of the diploma degree or master degree studies.
5. Letter of recommendation of the dissertation supervisor (stamp of the institution and signature of the person recommending the candidate)
6. Exposé or proposal (justification of the necessity of the stay abroad, definition of the problem, aims, methodological deliberations, time schedule, selective bibliography) – 5 pages! in German or English
7. A first outline of the dissertation or abstract (approx. 1 page, in German or English)
8. If necessary, a confirmation of the possibility to use rooms and resources of the institute (stamp plus signature)
9. Letter of endorsement of your Supervisor at your foreign guest institution/s, if available
10. Submission of all necessary clearances for the research project (e.g. declaration of no objection of the ethics commission or the animal testing commission).
11. (Additionally please see the german version.)

General information for applicants:
1. The selection process is competitive - i.e. the grants are only awarded to the best students of many qualified candidates (there is no legal claim to the grants). The number of persons chosen depends on the quota and the budget of the programme. It is legitimate to apply for several programmes of the BMWFW at the same time - separate application forms have to be submitted for each application.
Attention: students who are in receipt of a study grant in Austria (Studienbeihilfe) (which is awarded in accordance with social neediness and in compliance with the act on financial aid for students) have a legal claim to this study grant and an increased allowance for the academic exchange!
2. Grant recipients are required to be present on-site at their study place abroad and to pursue their projects / academic schedule.
3. The grants support one person only - they are not sufficient for accompanying family members.
4. The costs for medical care abroad in the EU are assumed by the respective national social security institutions. If you are going to pursue your studies or research in an EU country you should bring along your European Health Insurance Card.
5. The applicant expressly agrees that in accordance with § 1 of the Austrian federal law on data protection BGBl.Nr. 165/1999, as amended, the personal data contained in the application can be passed on to the office in charge of the exchange programme, the partner institutions and other Austrian institutions granting financial support.
6.  Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the closing date cannot be taken into account.

Selection procedure:

1. Formal check of the written documents.
2. Plausibility check.
2. Appraisal by 2 external experts (please see additionally the german version).
3. Interviews by a committee in Vienna.

(Please see additionally the german Version.)

Closing dates for application:
February 1 (Selection/interviews in June, Take-up of the grant as of August 1)
September 1 (Selection/interviews in December or January, Take-up of the grant as of March 1)

Further information:
International Office of your university 

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24.10.2016 - Dr. Tibor Szabo (OeAD-GmbH/ICM)
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